Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer 2011

This summer is flying by! It's hard to believe that school starts in 3 weeks! I thought that when I quit working I wouldn't be as busy, but I think I've been just as busy (just in a different way!) From tennis camps, to pool time, to beach vacations... we have been having a great summer!

Ella participated in the junior tennis camp at the Charleston Tennis Club. She took one week in June and then another week in July. She really enjoyed it and says she wants to keep taking lessons!

The girls and I spent 2 weeks at the beach in July! The first week was spent with Nana, Poppy, Ashley and baby Walker, Lindsay, Ryan, Brooke and Landri!

We were there for the July 4th holiday! Picture time!
Matt flew down at the end of the first week and then our friends the Pences came down and met us for the second week! I have too many pictures to post, so here is just a brief summary of the trip!

We took the girls on the Shannon Tanner Wacky Wizzle Dolphin Cruise. They spotted several dolphins, as well as enjoyed the magic tricks and silly songs by Shannon Tanner. They each even got to drive the boat!

And of course, there was plenty of time spent on the beach!

We had a great trip and I think I could have spent a couple more weeks there!

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