Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday!!

Our sweet baby girl turned 4 years old on Sunday!! I don't know where the time has gone, but Ella is becoming such a little lady! She wanted a "Fancy Nancy" birthday soiree (that's a fancy word for party!) and that's what she got! Fancy Nancy is a series of books written by Jane O'Connor and if you have a little girl, you should check them out! Nancy goes on all sorts of adventures, but doesn't go anywhere without looking fancy!! I think that all of the girls (10 total!) had a marvelous (that's a fancy word for great) time! And I have to admit that I had a really fun time planning the party! All of the girls came dressed up and I gave them a purse, boa and sunglasses to complete their outfits! They also got to decorate their own tiara and then we painted fingernails! What more could a girl ask for!

We decorated the playroom and it was the perfect setting for the party
Birthday Girl!

We started the party by reading the first Fancy Nancy book, so all the girls would know who she was! Most of them informed me that they already knew about her. :)

Happy Birthday to you!

Emeri loved getting dressed up! She was cracking us up!

Ella modeling the tiara she decorated!

Smiling as she gets her nails painted!
Of course, I didn't forget Miss Landri... she got her own tiara to wear too!

Ella informed Matt and I that we had to dress up too!
And Nana!
And Grammy!

Opening all of her presents!

All of the little fancy nancies!

After recovering from the party on Saturday, we continued the birthday weekend with a party on Sunday for Ella and Nana (my mom). Ella woke up on Sunday and this was our conversation:

Me - Ella do you know what today is?

Ella - It's my birthday!

Ella - Mommy, do you think I got any taller last night because I'm 4 now?!

Of course I proceeded to tell her that she definitely looked so much taller and that she needed to quit growing up so FAST!!

Birthday Girls!

So, this is what we got Ella for her birthday..... I know what were we thinking, right?! and that's exactly what we were thinking {and fighting} when we were putting it together ....

Well, this is what we were thinking... when we saw the look on her face (this is what she asked for) we completely forgot about the night before when we were putting it together.

She was so excited!

Mom - Thank you for sharing your birthday with our sweet girl! Happy Birthday! We love you both more than you know!


Sara said...

Well it looked like a very FANCY party...and Ella looked like she loved it! Great job mom (and dad)!

The Armstrongs said...

Love the party idea. Our Kennedy is a huge "Fancy Nancy" fan. I may just have to encourage that theme for cute!