Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Preschool Halloween Party

What do you do when you find out that your child is supposed to be a storybook character at the school Halloween party, AFTER you've already got a costume?! Well, you find a book that has some reference to the costume! We actually got lucky and found a Fancy Nancy (Ella's favorite!) book "Bonjour Butterfly"! It was perfect!
The party started with a parade and trick-or-treating around the playground and then we went inside for some snacks and games. The kids got to help carve a pumpkin and then they played a game of musical chairs to see who got to take the pumpkin home. Let's just say that Ella (and a couple other kids in the class) do not like to lose, and there were some minor meltdowns to be had! (We've also run into the "sore loser" attitude at home in some competitive games of Pretty Pretty Princess!) :) In the end, everything turned out fine and they all had a great party!

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The Todd said...

Glad to see the kids are taking after Matthew's sore loser attitude.

The Todd