Monday, December 22, 2008

Surprise Visit

I'll have to say that we've seen Santa several times this Christmas at all of the "events" we've been to, but nothing beats a surprise visit from the man himself at your own house!!! We hosted the Nelson/Hyre family Christmas party at our house this year and much to everyone's surprise we had a special guest show up at our front door!
Kim, Kaden, Kalena & Tristan
Lindee & Avani
Ella, Matt, Grammy & Emeri
Benjamin & Mariana tell Santa they've been good this year!

Poor Emeri, I promise this is the last time you have to see him. Maybe next year she will like him! :)What's in the big red bag, Santa??
Ella thanked Santa for her Barbie doll, but reminded him that she really wants the Barbie Jeep!
Even Grandma June told Santa what she wanted!
Has Grammy been good this year?

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